Cover Crop with Nitrogen

All Natural Cover Crop / Soil Builder

OreGro’s All Natural Cover Crop and Soil Builder products are designed to rebuild your soil while at the same time allowing you to grow a profitable crop whether it will be harvested as food or used as animal forage.

Whistler Winter Peas™ which were released by Progene Research of Washington, is a semi-leafless, white flowered pea with yellow cotyledons. Winter Hardy down to 0°F, Whistler winter peas are a great addition to satisfy your winter forage needs. Peas are excellent for nitrogen fixation. Read More about Whislter Peas!

Forage PeasSecada Forage Peas™ are an exciting new variety of forage peas that have hit the U.S. Leafy, highly palatable, self-climbing, with high dry matter yields, SECADA™ peas can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are a fast growing that does well in the fall, winter and spring of the Southern States. Read More

Cover Crop of OatsIntimidator Spring Forage Oat™ is a medium maturing, semi-tree oat that produces huge yields of sweet forage. Whether they are used as hay cut in the boot stage, green chop, silage, or pasture, INTIMIDATOR™ oats are highly palatable, livestock favor them over many of other varieties used today. Read More

Clover cover cropRampart Ladino White Clover™ is the result of a cross between several selection of plants collected in Oregon. Plants selected showed a high tolerance to heat and drought, while having excellent seed yield and plant vigor. In trials, RAMPART™ has been among the top performers for dry matter yields along with persistence.

Companion Clover Cover CropCompanion Ladino White Clover™ was selected from an extensive collection gathered in late summer from pastures and fields in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Only these plants showing a high degree of drought tolerance, plant vigor, and seed yield were included in this variety. Seedling vigor is excellent with fast establishment.

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