Diamond T Annual Ryegrass

Diamond T Annual Ryegrass™

Diamond T™ tetraploid annual ryegrass has outperformed many varieties that are currently being recommended for overseeding pastures all through the South. With good crown rust resistance Diamond T™ is well adapted to those areas with high rust pressure.

Diamond T has exhibited excellent forage yields from Florida through Texas. It germinates and establishes fast, is compatible with small grains and legumes, and provides a constant supply of high quality forage throughout the season.

Quality Ryegrass Forage

Diamond T has superior crude protein levels, with high digestibility. Whether you are producing meat, milk, or both, the quality of Diamond T™ forage will result in higher animal intake, higher nutrient utilization, with subsequent faster gains and more economical profits.

Diamond T™ is an excellent choice for overseeding rangeland and pastures, is a valuable asset to dairymen for silage production, and makes a great addition to wildlife food plot mixes.

Palatable, Digestible, High Yields, Greater Returns: Diamond T!


If overseeding warm season grosses, mow or graze to under a 3″ height. Broadcast 30-40 lbs of seed per acre.

Planting in a prepared, firm seedbed, drill no deeper than 1/2″ or broadcast and harrow lightly covered seed. Use 25-30 lbs seed per acre.

General time of planting for fall overseeding is September to December, depending on weather conditions. In northern areas, sow in spring as soon as ground can be worked.

A soil test should be done to guide specific fertilizer recommendations for the local area and conditions.

First grazing can be done when grass is 6-12″ in height. The first graze should be done lightly, quickly, and only when the ground is firm enough to prevent root damage.

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