All Natural Erosion Control

Oregro™ has a wide variety of options for natural erosion control. Depending on where you are located you may want a single type of seed or a custom mixture.

Dall Sheeps Fescue™ Living on high rocky slopes with bitter cold and snow in the winter and the intense arctic sun in teh summer, the Dall Sheep survives and thrives in the harshest conditions. DALL SHEEPS FESCUE™, like its namesake, can perform under the toughest conditions. Perfect for roughs, roadsides, and slopes.

Erosion Control Grass SeedsGranite Hard Fescue™ does well in drought, summer heat, winter cold, low fertility soil, and shade. It is a very dense fine leaved turf which makes it an excellent mix for high quality lawn mixes as well low/no maintenance erosion control on roadsides and slopes or in golf course roughs.

Chancellor Chewings Fescue™ is an excellent choice for lawns, parks, golf courses, sports fields, or any place that a fine textured, dense, and dark green turf is desired. Used in a monostand, or mixed with perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, Chancellor™ exhibits great turf quality even in drought and shade.

Contenental RyegrassContenental™ Perennial Ryegrass -This grass is a dark green, medium fine-leaved variety with excellent performance as a quality lawn or turfgrass. It is vigorous, fast establishing and quick fill-in. Being a semi-dwarf perennial it is excellent for golf course overseeding, parks, athletic fields, lawns.

NuSprint Turf Annual RyegrassNuSprint Turf Type Annual Ryegrass™is a turf type annual ryegrass with a quick start (germination), a burst of speed (establishment), and a fast finish (transition). Couple this with a darker green color and turf quality that approaches much more expensive perennial ryegrass it meets all your turf needs. Read More

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