Intimidator Spring Forage Oat™

Intimidator Spring Forage Oat™ is a medium maturing, semi-tree oat that produces huge yields of sweet forage. Whether used as hay cut in the boot stage, green chop, silage, or pasture, Intimidator™ oats are highly palatable, with livestock preferring them over many of the oat varieties commonly used today.

Intimidator™ oats work well by themselves, or in a combination with spring peas, such as Oregro’s Secada Peas or Whistler Peas.

By Including peas or vetch, and cutting at the proper maturity, the resulting forage will have a maximum relative feed value, with high protein and TDN levels.

Hay yields have been known to reach seven tons per acre. At maturity, silage tonnage has topped 25 tons per acre. In comparison to corn silage, Intimidator™ oats take less time to mature, and require less than 1/3 the nitrogen. Intimidator™ oats are also easier to establish in cooler, wetter climates, so double cropping with another crop is possible.

In the proper climate, a hay, green chop, or silage crop can be grown, followed by a corn silage crop.

Seeding Rates

Intimidator Oats: 60-100 lbs/acre
With Peas: 60-40 lbs/acre with 20-40 lbs of peas


Intimidator™ oats have upright growth, rather large stems, and very wide leaves. With proper management, Intimidator™ oats can reach over seven feet tall at maturity. Care must be taken to areas of wind and heavy rain, as this will cause lodging when oats are grown to this height. Consult your fertilizer dealer or extension agent for local recommendations.

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