All Natural Lawn and Turf

Lawn Repair Kit™ is our seed, mulch, and fertilizer mix designed to patch up dead or thinning spots on your lawn or turf. It grows fast and it can be used in the sun or in the shade. We have one version for the Lower 48 states as well as an Alaska version. The kit is simple to use! Learn More!

League Master™ is our family of lawn and turf mixtures that can be adapted to fit any climate or circumstance. It comes in several mixes such as Sports Field, Sunny, Shade, and Custom. Our premium line called League Master Top Professional Choice is 99.9% weed free. Learn More!

Escalade Lawn and TurfEscalade Turf Type Tall Fescue™ is an improved variety developed jointly by Orego Research and Rutgers University. Fine-leaved, dense, dark green, with excellent brown patch resistance and tolerance to traffic. ESCALADE TALL FESCUE™ exhibits excellent turf quality in the 2001 NTEP tall fescue trial.

Drought Buster™ is an all natural grass seed designed to grow green and full lawns with much less water. It does well in the shade and has a high salt tolerance. Use it on your lawn, sports turf, or for golf courses rough areas. Use it anywhere a tough, easy to maintain turf is needed.

Ringer® turf type perennial ryegrass was developed in Oregon as a polycross of five top performing clones. Tested in New Jersey, Maryland, and Oregon, Ringer® has exhibited excellent turf quality in a variety of management schemes. Very dark green and fine leaved, it has a great turf density and mowing quality.

Paraiso All Natural Grass SeedParaiso™ Turf Type Tall Fescue – Paraiso™ grows fast allowing for quick establishment and better competition against weeds. Paraiso™ is perfect for cold northern states with hot summers and southern transitional zones due to its excellent drought tolerance. It even sprouts in poor weather!

NuSprint Turf Annual RyegrassNuSprint Turf Type Annual Ryegrass™ is a turf type annual ryegrass with a quick start (germination), a burst of speed (establishment), and a fast finish (transition). Couple this with a darker green color and turf quality that approaches much more expensive perennial ryegrass it meets all your turf needs. Read More

Contenental RyegrassContenental™ Perennial Ryegrass - This grass is a dark green, medium fine-leaved variety with excellent performance as a quality lawn or turfgrass. It is vigorous, fast establishing and quick fill-in. Being a semi-dwarf perennial it is excellent for golf course overseeding, parks, athletic fields, lawns.

Chancellor Chewings Fescue™ is an excellent choice for lawns, parks, golf courses, sports fields, or any place that a fine textured, dense, and dark green turf is desired. Used in a monostand, or mixed with perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, Chancellor™ exhibits great turf quality even in drought and shade.

Pinstripe Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass™ is an advanced generation synthetic cultivar selected for dark green color, fine leaf textre, and superior turf density. Developed in Oregon, and evaluated in turf plots across the US as LF122, Pinstripe™ Perennial Ryegrass has performed extremely well for all uses.

18th Green Golf Course Grass18 Green™ - This is the golf course grass selected to overcome the extremes of the North American climate. This creeping bentgrass has a dark green color, increased tiller density, and excellent disease and stress resistance. 18th Green™ is the best choice for courses with high traffic & extreme weather.

Desert Star Golf Grass: Tee box and greensDesert Star® – Desert Star® is a perennial ryegrass for golf courses in dry areas. It has scored among the top performers for turf quality and shines from the tee box to green to club house. The superior density of Desert Star® provides a very golfer-friendly turf with smooth roll and little graininess.

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