League Master - All Natural Lawn and Turf

All Natural Lawn and Turf

League Master™ is our family of lawn and turf mixtures that can be adapted to fit any climate or circumstance.

League Master™ Sports Field - Our sports field mixture combines the beauty of a fine turf, with the rugged durability needed for the busy feet of both minor and major leaguers. With fast establishment, deep rooting, and resistance to the tearing and sliding action of sports shoes, League Master™ should be your choice for sports fields, parks, and play areas.

All Natural LawnLeague Master™ Sunny - The sunny mixture is a great choice for a quality lawn in full sun. The species and varieties in this mixture are carefully chosen to combine the greatest adaptability with the desire to have a fine, dense, dark green turf. From the luxurious Kentucky bluegrass to the heat and drought resistant turf type tall fescue, League Master™ can fill you needs.

League Master™ Shady - Our shady Mixture is designed for those lawns in dappled shade of with limited hours of full sun. This mixture contains a large portion of fescue, with shade tolerant varieties of bluegrass and ryegrass available to complement the fescue. Shady areas are the toughest to establish and maintain a quality turf, but League Master™ is a great competitor against the shade.

League Master™ Custom - Custom grass seed mixture is specially blended to satisfy specific needs. This may include low maintenance, high traffic, roadsides, parks, and reclamation.

The makeup of this custom grass seed mixture can be specific for species, variety and component percentages. Asking for a custom mixture allows you to be site and use specific for a particular region or climate.

League Master™ Top Professional Choice - Are you looking for a flawless, award winning lawn or turf? Does your project require the best of the best? If so then our premium League Master™ lines are exactly what you need. Our Elite line is guaranteed to be 99.9% weed free!

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