NuSprint™ Turf Type Annual Ryegrass

Sprint: A race of short duration characterized by a quick start, a burst of speed, and a fast finish.

NuSprint™: A Turf Type Annual Ryegrass with a quick start (germination), a burst of speed (establishment), and a fast finish (transition). Couple this with a darker green color and turf quality that approaches much more expensive perennial ryegrass, and you have a proven winner for many of your turf needs.

A wide leaved common annual ryegrass among fine-leaved NuSprint

Lower growth, fine leaves, more tillers, excellent root mass

NuSprint™ turf type annual ryegrass was developed with three goals in mind. First, with annual ryegrass being one of the most commonly used species for turf, work needed to be done on darker color, turf density, finer leaf texture, and turf quality above Gulf or common annuals, and closer to the better fine leafed perennial ryegrasses. Second, seed yield had to rival common annuals so the cost of seed would be slightly above annual ryegrasses but much below more expensive species such as perennial ryegrass, while still offering excellent performance in the turf. Third, for those special areas that needed a fast transition from cool-season to warm-season turf in the spring, NuSprint™ turf type annual ryegrass was developed to provide a cost effective, hight quality turf, without the problems of establishment and transition that commonly plague perennial ryegrass. NuSprint™ makes and excellent component in fine turf seed mixtures that include perennial ryegrass, fine fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass.

NuSprint has been selectively bred for:

  • Faster Establishment
  • Darker green, finer leaves
  • Greater turf density
  • Faster spring transition
  • Mixes well with perennial ryegrass

Texas A&M Overseeding Trial, 2003-04

Variety                    Turf Quality 1-9 (9 is best)                       Color 1-9 (9 is darkest)
Omega 3 per. rye                    6.8                                                                7.3
NuSprint                               6.7                                                                5.8
Axcella                                     6.6                                                                 5.0
Panterra                                  6.4                                                                 5.8
Gulf                                          5.6                                                                 3.5

Texas A&M Overseeding Trial, 2004-05

Variety                    Color 1-9 (9 is best)                                      Transition % Ryegrass
Omega 3 per. rye                    7.2                                                                60%
NuSprint                              6.7                                                                 23%
Axcella                                     5.0                                                                 21%
Panterra                                  6.8                                                                 20%

Seeding Rates

Home Lawns 8-10lbs per sq. ft.
Sports fields / Golf roughs 8-10lbs per sq. ft. or 350 lbs./acre
Golf fairways 10-12lbs per sq. ft. or 400lbs./acre

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