Wild Bird Feed Mixes

Oregro’s All Natural Wild Bird Feed comes in a variety of mixes for attracting different kinds birds and wildlife. All mixes come in small clear 10lb bags or large heafty 20 and 40lb bags.

Patio Wild Bird Mix
Patio mix contains Medium Sunflower Chips, Fine Sunflower Chips, Cracked Corn, Nyjer Thistle, and Diced Peanuts.

Patio Mix does not contain shells which means it’s easy to keep the feeding area nice and clean.

Finch Wild Bird Mix
Our Finch Mix is a simple blend of Nyjer Thistle and Fine Sunflower Chips.

Finch Mix is extremely effective at attracting small birds and finches. The sunflower seeds are de-shelled for easy cleanup.

Premium Wild Bird Mix
The Premium Mix contains White Proso, Small Black Oil Sunflower, Fine Sunflower Chips, and Medium Sunflower Chips.

This mix will attract a wide variety of birds and has an extremely high protein content. Great for winter feeding.

Deluxe Wild Bird Mix
Our deluxe mix contains a simple blend of Small Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Cracked Corn, and White Proso.

This mix will attract all kinds of birds but all seeds are in the shell. You tend to see less finches and more larger birds.

Pro Wild Bird Mix
The pro mix contains White Proso, Black Oil Sunflower, and Cracked Corn.

This mix is lighter in protein and tends to make a good summer mix. It can be used in a feeder or on the ground.

Dove and Quail Wild Bird Mix
Our Dove and Quail mix contains White Proso, Cracked Corn and Oat Groats.

These seeds are small, tough, and fairly mold resistant which makes them great for ground feeders.

Distributors may also buy bags of straight black oil sunflower seeds, brown flax, nyjer thistle, white proso millet, safflower, blanched peanuts, shelled peanuts, or in-shell peanuts. Call us or visit our online store to check for availability.

Oregro’s Patio Wild Bird Mix

Patio Wild Bird Mix is our most popular product for two reasons: it attracts a beautiful variety of birds and it’s easy to keep the feeding area clean.

This mix has an assortment of small yet nutritious seeds which attract a diverse and colorful variety of small to medium sized birds.

In the Northwest you can expect to attract finches, chickadees, juncos, jays, and more.

Squirrels and larger birds like crows and magpies typically don’t bother with these smaller seeds. Patio Mix is great for feeders above walkways and patios because it contains de-shelled seeds. This means less sweeping and clean up for you.

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