All Natural Wildlife Mix

Cover Crop of OatsIntimidator Spring Forage Oat™ is a medium maturing, semi-tree oat that produces huge yields of sweet forage. Whether they are used as hay cut in the boot stage, green chop, silage, or pasture, INTIMIDATOR™ oats are highly palatable, wildlife to favor them over many of other varieties used today.

Whistler Winter Peas™ which were released by Progene Research of Washington, is a semi-leafless, white flowered pea with yellow cotyledons. Winter Hardy down to 0°F, Whistler winter peas are a great addition to satisfy your winter forage needs. Peas are excellent for nitrogen fixation. Read More about Whislter Peas!

Forage PeasSecada Forage Peas™ are an exciting new variety of forage peas that have hit the U.S. Leafy, highly palatable, self-climbing, with high dry matter yields, SECADA™ peas can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are a fast growing legume that does well in the Southern States. Read more!

Clover cover cropRampart Ladino White Clover™ is the result of a cross between several selection of plants collected in Oregon. Plants selected showed a high tolerance to heat and drought, while having excellent seed yield and plant vigor. In trials, RAMPART™ has been among the top performers for dry matter yields along with persistence.

Companion Clover Cover CropCompanion Ladino White Clover™ was selected from an extensive collection gathered in late summer from pastures and fields in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Only these plants showing a high degree of drought tolerance, plant vigor, and seed yield were included in this variety. Seedling vigor is excellent with fast establishment.

Here are photos of wildlife in our fields. Photos were taken with a motion detection camera in young fields of whistler peas. Notice how the Whistler peas even grow in the snow!

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